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Latest Release

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When Our Eyes First Met

We are pleased to finally unveil the first taste of our new album, The Courage to Start Again, which can now be pre-ordered from our music store. When Our Eyes First Met leads a free, three-track EP featuring two exclusive b-sides. The press release reads as follows:

…And Stars Collide return in 2011 with “The Courage to Start Again”, their first full-length album. April 21st marks the release of a free download EP lead by album track “When Our Eyes First Met”, an eight-minute epic that defies the post-rock blueprint with its ferocious opening salvo. Two self-produced non-album tracks serve as B-sides on the effort and  acls recertification near me , which is available now from and will be appearing on a number of directly-targeted blogs and BitTorrent trackers.

Based in Nottingham, England, …And Stars Collide received widespread acclaim for their self-titled debut EP during 2009. “The Courage to Start Again” builds on this previous work, retaining its guitar-driven instrumental nature, but pushing the dynamics wider and honing the arrangements to flow relentlessly from start to finish. Recorded by Richard Collins and Robin Newman (Therapy?, You Slut!, LostAlone) and mastered by Medi Safa (*shels, Black Sheep Wall, Mahumodo), the seven-track album will see a CD release in July through the band’s Sky Weeps Productions imprint.

We’ve also confirmed our first live show of the year for May 11th at the Chameleon in Nottingham, with What the Blood Revealed and The Union Station Massacre. Tour dates are currently being booked for July to support the album release, and we would welcome any invitations.

Please feel encouraged to share the new EP far and wide – we recorded these B-sides for free, and are making them available for the same price. As per our previous release, the new album is entirely self-funded. Recording and releasing music to a professional standard is a protracted and expensive process (particularly without label involvement), so if you enjoy the upgrade in quality please consider the cut-price pre-order we currently have on offer.