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The Courage to Start Again

Back in February we spent a week (and then some) at the Snug Recording Co in Derby going a little crazy with cabin fever making our debut full-length album. It’s called The Courage to Start Again, it’s seven tracks long and it’s out this week.

Rich and Rob did an incredible job of capturing the music we’ve been composing over the last few years. They’ve previously worked with You Slut!, Therapy? and LostAlone to name a few, and we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them.

The final mastering sheen on the album was applied by Medi at Shelsmusic out in California. His bands and label have been consistently turning out quality music for the last decade and it was great to have someone so passionate help complete our vision. It would be rude not to note that the new *shels album is out this month.

You can now listen to the entire album over at our music store. CDs and downloads are both flexibly priced, and all physical orders come with a free instant download.

Following on from our album launch on Saturday, we’re playing shows in Liverpool and Cardiff next week to promote the new record. Our recent interview with LeftLion is now available to read, and we’re hoping to share more sounds and videos in the near future.