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November 2012

Based in Nottingham, England, …And Stars Collide have generated diverse international interest via their widely-acclaimed self-titled EP and subsequent debut album “The Courage to Start Again”. Originally released in 2011, this full-length effort retained the guitar-driven instrumental nature of the band’s previous material but drew more deeply from progressive influences, pushing the dynamics wider and honing the arrangements to flow relentlessly from start to finish.

From the immediacy of opener “Corridors” through to the thunderous closing title-track, the record defies the post-rock blueprint with a carefully crafted use of melody, aggression and restraint. The album was recorded by Richard Collins and Robin Newman (Therapy?, You Slut!, LostAlone) and mastered by Medi Safa (*shels, Black Sheep Wall, Mahumodo).

…And Stars Collide is a slow-burning entity. The band will make an isolate live appearance in London at the end of 2012 before reviewing plans for 2013 and beyond.

They can be contacted by emailing


Midlands Rocks: “The quality of the song-writing and musicianship on display proves that they have the chops to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with their peers on both sides of the Atlantic.” (8/10) (July 2011 online).

RoomThirteen: “The record is, from the melodic head nodding anthems to the delicate spine tingling slow builds, a cohesive and well rounded experience that you want to hear in one sitting.” (12/13) (July 2011, online).

LeftLion: Interview (July 2011, online).

LeftLion: “With the release of their debut full length album on the cards in July, it’s going to be worth a listen if this performance is anything to go by.” (May 2011, live review, online).

LeftLion: “They’ve come back refreshed and increasingly able to probe the outer limits of their dynamic capabilities.” (May 2010, live review, online).

Die Shellsuit, Die!: “…when this band really concentrates on delivering a riff, they deliver it with gusto. The promise that can be heard within the music of …And Stars Collide is achingly clear.” (7/10) (February 2010, online).

RoomThirteen: “Easily one of the best post-rock records in a long, long time…” (13/13) (July 2009, online).

Night Flight: “…the band have talent to burn with their immaculate, interesting post-rock.” (3.5/5) (June 2009, issue 110)

Rock Midgets: “The subtleties of the interludes in the likes of ‘See the Opening Morn’ are the hallmarks of intelligent musicianship, and the closing wall of sound in ‘Every Step Takes Me Further From Home (Part II)’ is devastatingly powerful.” (3/5) (June 2009, online)

LeftLion: “From sweet and vulnerable guitar arpeggios to crushing riffage and heavily delayed and fast-picked lead, they are sure to impress… This EP is an excellent exercise in intrumental moodiness.” (June 2009, issue 29)

This Is Nottingham: “With a wide range of influences forming a delicate and sublime sound, most notable through the eerie harmonics of Your Winter And Night Spent In Disguise, which has an unpredictable sound and is beautifully unique.” (3.5/5) (May 2009, online)

Nothingatall: “It’s great to hear a genre that so badly needs a slap in the face sound so exciting and fresh again.” (May 2009, online)

LeftLion: “They boast the better, less pretentious parts of post-rock… …essential viewing…” (May 2009, live review, online)

Albion: “It is with great pleasure I announce that …And Stars Collide will, that’s undeniable, will go on to great things. …this is an incredible debut…” (8.5/10) (April 2009, online)

The Silent Ballet: “…the tracks efficiently run the gamut from tension-setting to cathartic release… It is a promising future for these lads.” (6.5/10) (April 2009, online)

Rock Sound: “…an appealing and, quite frankly, very fresh sounding debut EP… …pure innovation…” (8/10) (April 2009, issue 121)

In the interest of balance…

The Silent Ballet: [album review, currently offline] (1/5) (November 2011, online).

Dawn of the Deaf: “Now, don’t get me wrong, this is definitely not a bad album, it’s just, I’m sorry to use the word, bland.” (3/5) (September 2011, online).

Drowned in Sound: “…like rearranging a series of post-rock-shaped blocks to form a trembling, structurally unsound Jenga tower…” (4/10) (August 2011, online).

Getintothis: “…to be fair ASC do rouse us when they slow things down considerably with some beautific moments…” (July 2011, live review, online).